April 20, 2008

The Ties That Bind Impressions

(SPOILER ALERT) Alright, I have to say, I was spoiled a lot for this last Battlestar Galactica episode, so I might have viewed a bit differently than the regular Joe. Let's just say, when you know you're going to lose something for good, even though you might have hated it from the heart, you kind of get attached to it in a very special way towards the end. Well, let's jump in:

Cylon fleet! Oh goody! Nakey Cavil, not so much. Making out with Boomer? Plain creepy. Democracy? Bad idea.

Rag-tag fleet. Bitch. Is bitchin.

The Chief, taking a break from all his worries with his boozing Cylon companion. Not, not that one. I guess frakking Baltar has that effect? She IS hitting on him, not? 'Galen, you son of a *barf*'! Gods, Tory is good.

Opening credits.

Sickbay, Cottle! Nah, just Roslin and Adama sweetness. All together now: Awwwww.

Colonial One, Adama junior says Hi. No one's impressed. Me neither. Old man's annoyed. Yeah, me too. Zarek? One botox-injection too many:

Really, he isn't changing his facial expression AT ALL. Richard Hatch, the poor man's Keanu Reeves?
'Thank you' *shove* I like Roslin. And the Old Man. Love his 'Get outta my face, journalist-scum' attitude. They are such a great team. Apparently.

Oooh, Demetrius! Mission: Find Earth. ORLY? Sweaty Starbuck. Gaeta! 'I made a decision' Yeah, right.
Seelix didn't use the proper cover sheets for her TPS report. Tsk, someone doesn't reed the memos. OK, wait a second? Who the frak is on Galactica's CIC? Did they leave Dee in charge?! This can't be good. And, wild guess, mutiny within the next three episodes. Make that two.
At least Anders knows where he stands:

Bitch. Is bitchin.

Back to our beloved cylons. Peace talks? I can has Xena back? Pretty please? Oh, and I have a new favorite cylon, Sparkly, the cleaning-centurion:

Adama Jr., Zarek. Um, boring?

Bitch. Is with Cottle! Hey, she's bearable. Might be Cottle's presence though. But, yeah, I like it. Not the jaw-breaking part. Honestly. I also only pretend to be a bastard. Sometimes. Oh, and, by the way, smoking kills. Just saying.

Demetrius. More bitchin. Anders going all Leoben on Kara! Nice. Ensign Hairyleg and whiny bitch. That was fast. I can has cylon wife?

Peace talks continue. Speaking of that was fast. Bit too fast, no? Where's Sparkly?

Boring Quorum meeting. Roslin's cute though. And the unnerving journalist who doesn't seem to find an end. is called Jacob. Made me laugh. No offense.

Cylons again:

Still no Sparkly. But something else! Fascinating.

Sneaky bitch. Is sneaky. (I really tried to work a boobie-trap joke in here, but couldn't). Cylon Anonymous weekly meeting. Not so anonymous anymore.
Nice vocal work, Galen. And Cally? What a wrench. I mean, wench.

Launch tube, showdown. Gods, Tory is good. So cylony.

Dying bitch. Is dying.

The End.

Alrighty, first of all, I truly despise the whole LOLCats shebang. But watching this episode, I couldn't help but seeing a LOLCats caption to nearly every frame. I should start a LOLCally blog. And get my head examined.

So, final verdict on the episode. I liked it, Cylons were great (Sparkly!), Quorum, not so much. Overall, a 3.5/5.


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