April 06, 2008

He Who Believeth In Me Impressions

OK... This might have been the frakking greatest Season-starter in the history of Battlestar Galactica.

We start with 10 minutes of space battle - geekgasm! And someone's proud of their new CGI. And they have every reason. Looks great, feels great. Love it. Especially the feeling of everything happening at once, the final five minus one dealing with what they are under pressure, Baltar and his Baltarettes, Starbuck... I liked it. Although I grow to dislike Anders with every scene. And since when do Cylon Raiders bleed?

OK, Cylons retreat because they're freaked out learning that the final five are mouth-breathers. Opening credits. Gods, I missed them!

Baltar learns his groupies are actually cultists and he's their Messiah. Right. We get probably the best facial expression work by James Callis ever:

Back to Starbuck. Oh, right, she was supposed to be dead for months instead of just round the block fetching cigarettes (or better: pictures of Earth's yellow moon). Could the whole flightdeck give me their best WTF?! expressions? Thanks!

Back to Baltar, Baltarettes and Chip-Six. I don't know what happened to JC between the seasons, but frankly, he's giving the best Baltar ever. Tricia's not bad either. Let's all feel God's presence for a moment, shall we?

Roslin! I don't know what's happened, but obviously all actors did undergo some serious motivational training? I've never seen the word 'airlock' so prominently written across MMD's face. And Lee's a wuzz. Convincing though. Daddy's ok in trying to be badass, although I still can't help thinking how cute he and Laura are together... I mean, look at this:

More Baltar goodness. Nuff said.

Weekly meeting of Cylon Anonymous. Glad we all agree not to shoot Adama. Wonder if that's part of a 12-step-program?

Roslin and Caprica. Hmm. A bit weak perhaps... Smells like deleted scenes to me.

Gaeta! Going all defiant little brat on Starbuck, but Helo saves the day. Knight in shining armor. Can't really see Starbuck as damsel in distress though. Feels like the wrong way. Glad they brought the FTL-jump effect back. And I love Dee. She's the best in doing countdowns. Really nailed that part.

So, Laura and Bill are sharing quarters now, eh? I like it. Apollo's sweater: Not so much. And how's everyone having 'feelings' nowadays?

Baltar! Lots of Baltar. Yay!

And I don't like Starbuck/Anders scenes. Might be because of him. Yeah, it's him. And, oh, another Boomer-reference! What's with that anyway?
And Galactica's Marines? I'm not impressed.

Cliffhanger. Me likey.

All in all, I give the episode a 5/5 (with a little extra for the absence of Cally).

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