April 27, 2008

Escape Velocity Impressions

(SPOILER ALERT) As Battlestar Galactica's final season went in its fourth week I was more than pleased with the thrillers that were the first to episodes and the killer that was last week's The Ties That Bind. Well, RDM does some good for my rhyming scheme...

We start off with bitch's service. Scruffy Chief giving lovely speech and a new priestess is in town. Well there is a vacant bitch-slot to fill. Speaking of open positions, now that Kara 'We're going the wrong way' Thrace is off ship, Roslin's taking on the naggy part? 'I'm dying, you know?' Like the wig though.

Sleeping, pacing Caprica in the brig. Tigh's slowly losing it. 'But I'm not a cylon!'

Cylon Anonymous weekly meeting. 'Hi! I'm Little Nicky, and I'm a half-breed' 'Hello Little Nicky!' Tory, very cylon. Tigh very buddy 'I know what you're going through man. But I'm not a cylon!' 'Umm, yes you are.' 'Oh, right...'

Opening credits.

Alright, Tory's freaking me out. A bit. Enough character buildup, ok? And I think I'm not alone with this:
Religiously motivated attacks? I would never have thought of that!

Hangar bay, Chief starting to lose it. Everyone gets a go. They really do love their new CGI, but, seriously, the space suits? I'm not so sure about this.

Crash goes the Raptor.

Baltar, Chip Six. And of course Lilly. With an 'M'.

Um, Chief, you frakked up. (Seriously, is that a circuit breaker?) Loved the 'You're only human!' part though. This just never gets old. Or does it?

Baltar giving a speech. Desecrating a temple (new priestess again, yay!). Where have I read that before?

Roslin! Adama! Another book! He's not gonna read again, is he? 'Oh, did I mention I'm dying?' 'Girlie..., Groupie..., Sex..., whatever they are.' Liked it.

Tigh, Caprica. 'How does all that 'being a cylon' work? Not that I am one of course. Just asking.' Chief interlude I don't get. Tigh keeping on losing it. 'We're not the same' Yeah, alright, it might get a bit old.

Roslin! Baltar! Such a thing can never fail! 'I'm dying.' Oh, COME ON! Rest's ok though.

Chief taking a break from all his worries. Are all commanding staff no
w his buddies? Chief's, umm, losing it. 'The best of limited options'. Should I ever start a dating agency, that's what I'd call it. 'You don't know what frakking club I'm in' Yeah, it got old by now. Seriously.

Quorum. I guess that's gonna be a regular thing now? Great. Roslin's great though. And she's not dying for a change. So go ahead, vote.

OK, Tigh is getting creepy. Is that a new theme, hot toaster and cre
epy old man? At least they don't make out. 'Leave me alone with an unrestrained cylon!, Yes it's gonna be ok. No, I'm not a cylon.' Hasn't lost it yet, but is on a good way.

Bloody Baltar. Chip Six? I have no words.

Patchless Tigh (I mentioned creepy?) getting beat up by Caprica. Way better than making out.

Chip Six gets Baltar getting beat up. I see a pattern.
Apollo saves the day.

Roslin! Adama! The book. And yes, he is. It's nice though.

Caprica, Tigh... Aw, shucks.
Baltar. Giving a speech. With yet another Chief Specialist interlude. Nobody is perfect. I might be wrong though. Demetrius interlude! What's with Apollo? The End.

Well, what can I say, we had far worse filler episodes in previous seasons. Although, with that many loose ends already floating in space, was it really necessary, to this extend? A solid 3/5, but please a little cylon civil war and Demetrius goodness next time?

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