April 25, 2008

BSG Linkroll Pt. II

Long time, no read. Don't ask me where the days have gone, I really don't know. Not working on my thesis. Meh, anyway...

Battlestar Galactica's final season keeps on giving me goosebumps and so is a lot of related stuff on
teh intertubes. My picks for this week (nearly all via io9):
  • As you will know there was a little geek-get-together in New York, called the ComicCon. And they had cylons! Read what Michael Trucco (Anders), Rekha Sharma (Tory), and Michael Hogan (Tigh) spilled over at io9 (not really spoilery).

  • Also on io9, the dreadful Morning Spoilers were buzzing this week with 'leaked' scripts. One for episode 18 of the regular BSG and one for the fearfully anticipated spin-off Caprica (Spoilers, duh).

  • Baltar goodness in this one and a half minute clip from tonights episode Escape Velocity.

  • And finally, brought to my attention by A Very Special Someone, Frakking Toasters, a BSG webcomic! I have no clue how this possibly could have gone unnoticed by me. It's hilarious! (spoilery if you're not up to date).

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