March 30, 2008

Work is hellish but I'm conCERNed

OK, I wanted to post a longish rant about some things going on concerning the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, but honestly, I don't find the time to do anything but work at the moment.

So I just quickly fire away some links, but fear not, I'll get back on that topic as soon as I find the time.

You might have read about the 'Doomsday Lawsuit' filed against most of the big players in particle physics (if not, take the time to do it, it's worth it, be it only for laughs). This is basically about microscopic black holes and strangelets destroying existence as we know it.

In addition to that some botanist (!) filed an additional lawsuit against CERN, because he doesn't want to be sucked in a parallel universe.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with April's Fools, this is for real!

I can't comment on this right now, since I might not be able to stop my rant once I start it (I'll try anyway in the near future), so I implore you to read the offial statement from CERN about it.

And if you see any chance in getting to Geneva this weekend, go ahead and ask the people there, it's definitely worth it.

Sorry for the incoherence, but I'm really in a hurry... TTYL!

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